Sunday, July 25, 2010

CTR Round 2

I am well aware that it has been just under a year since my last blog entry. That is all I have to say about that.

I have been on summer vacation from nursing school since around May 15th. I have been riding my bike since about May 25th give or take a couple of days. I have been training for the CTR since I got back on my bike in May. I know it doesn't sound like much time but it isn't. I hope it doesn't matter that much. I have really strong muscle memory but the pain of last year's race....GONE!

What can I say? I have been craving the CTR since 2 days after I finished last year. I have played it out in my mind a thousand and one times of how I can better and quicken my performance from last year's. And they do say....if you can go there in your mind you can go there!

This year there are a few changes for my CTR. Number one is that the first part of the CT is closed so the start is a little different. Secondly I have a new bike and will be on a single speed instead of a geared bike. I know people have many varying opinions about SS's in general. I chose this method for a simple reason, it is simpler. I just like it, it suits me and feels good. I have never had so much fun on the bike. I understand it may be harder and I may be slower. I also consider that it may work better and maybe I'll even be faster. I'm open to the possibilities. I've always been someone who likes change and challenge; I set out to accomplish just this.

Here are some pictures of my bike and my two favorite boys.

Matt and Ringo on top of Mt. Sneffels.

My bike on my back porch with a view of the National Monument.

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