Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Post-CTR Month

I don't know why I have been putting off writing so much. I have spent the last month thinking about what I want to write. As I go for a run with my dog and occasional bike ride, my thoughts race with ideas and creative sentences. Maybe I have been too busy with school and getting organized or maybe I've just been avoiding it. Once in a while I look at my fellow bike riding friends' blogs and an hour later I wonder where the time went. I get this feeling in my stomach after reading that makes me feel like I'm nervous or something. The feeling is envy, envy that I'm now in school and they are out there still riding their bikes, seeking adventure, finding themselves.

I miss the CTR! That's the only way I know how to explain it. I crave the trail, the high alpine air, the cold, the rain, the sun and the moon, like I crave chocolate. I miss the trail like an old friend. I feel sad that I haven't seen her in over a month now and my heart aches when I sit down to read the blogs of my friends. I think to myself that I should avoid reading their blogs then I think again. I think about all my wonderful friends that supported me by following my SPOT tracker during the CTR. I wonder sometimes why they did it. I wonder if they had anything better to do. I wonder how they felt watching my SPOT instead of being out there, riding, seeking their own adventures. They didn't decide to turn off their computers because they were envious or had too many other things to do. They watched because they wanted to, because maybe it was their way of being part of my adventure.

It is now my turn to watch. Thank you again my friends for inspiring me to be a better person. Thank you for continuing to ride your bikes, seek adventure, and write about it. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

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Kat Gro said...

we watched your spot on the reallt rainy first night of the CTR from our dry, cozy frisco home. our kids slept, we watched and checked on you and I WNATED TO BE THERE TOO. I wanted to be out there suffering and having the time of my life too. we inspire each other. inspire and be inspired in turn. You inspire me Cat!! - Kat and Brad