Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Those eyes!

My nephew, Christian, has this magical way of reaching into my heart and turning it into gold.  Perhaps when I nicknamed him Nugget as a baby, I subconsciously knew the power of that little boy’s soul.  Christian and I recently got to spend some quality time together. During this time I amazingly watched as he jumped in the pool and swam the entire length without stopping; he became in expert swimmer, literally over night.  I also had the honor to help him with his newly learned skill of diving.  I remember learning how to dive and it being so much harder than my nephew’s seemingly nonchalant efforts.  After every dive he would ask “Were my feet together?” and “Did my head go in first?”  If I critiqued him he was quick and excited to try again.  He never complained, only smiled and laughed.  Learning to dive, for him, did not appear to be the painstaking process I went through as my grandfather practiced tireless patience while I assumed the position.  I would stand, arms over head, knees slightly bent, head tucked.  “Just fall”, he would say, and I would endure yet another belly flop. 

Doing laps in a 24 hour race with Cytomax breaks every 30 seconds. 
Being a part of my nephew’s diving experience was profoundly special.  I watched him in awe and with great pride.  Whenever I complimented him he would simply say “I know”.  He has this way, this incredible confidence that I envy.  I never remember being that confident, not even as a kid.  So it got me thinking.  As adults we always say “thank you” when someone compliments us or “no I’m not” or if you’re like me you get really red and embarrassed.  It’s just not something I have ever been comfortable with for some reason. 
His favorite Witch costume!

I’m changing my ways thanks to my nephew.  I am strong and fast and have worked really hard for my goals and dreams.  I know no matter what I will succeed because I will have put my whole heart and soul into it.  My nephew will be with me this year on the CTR, in so many ways.  He will give me wings to fly and the strength to endure.  Thank you Christian for being such a precious presence in my life.  I love you with all of my heart.  Without further adieu I dedicate this year’s Colorado Trail Race to my one and only NUGGET!  It’s going to be a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
All grown up but always my Nugget.


Tom Purvis said...

You go girl! We'll all be rooting for you. Tailwinds!

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Nugget power! Awesome. Love it x 100.

JenyJo said...

enJOY your ride and flight, woman!!!