Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Lives

Why, When I love the woods' cool solitude
Where leaves cast shadow shapes on leaves beneath
And frame the patchwork of the sky above,
Do I feel a peace and deep well-being
When I step into the light
And see the valley-farms, houses, fields-below?

Does the chaos and aloneness of the woods,
Where life and death lie littered on the forest floor,
Awaken need for order
In those tilled and tended places?

Like the frog an salamander we live doubled lives
Thriving in both wild and settled spaces.

by: Sabra Fields

1 comment:

Mary Collier said...

What a great poem, Cat. That was kind of how I felt during Tour Divide sometimes and also living here on the beautiful mountain in Idyllwild. Sometimes, a drive-thru even sounds good, as crazy as it sounds.