Sunday, October 12, 2008

24 Hours of Moab Short Version

I'll have to write more later as my fingers are completely numb. The short version is that I had a great race until somewhere around 3-6 am. I hurt a part of my body that made continuing near impossible. Initially it felt like a saddle sore until the pain spread to the front of my pelvis and it swelled up like a balloon. I went over the handle bars a few times and fell in various other ways but could not pinpoint what specifically caused it. My last loop started after 3am and it took me over 3 hours. I could barely ride, walk or just sit and coast. I knew something was up and it wasn't a "good" pain that I could work out. It got worse after I sat and right now it's hard to sit, stand or lift up my leg to get in bed. Hopefully it's just a bad pulled muscle or an infection or cist of some sort. If the swelling doesn't decrease I'll have to have it checked out. Tune in later for my full report.


Mary Collier said...


Nice job out there. I hope you feel better soon; take care of yourself. You did awesome and it was fun to spectate from afar.


Matt said...

From the webcast it showed you were riding really strong before the swelling. Bummer - but awesome effort nonetheless.

Unknown said...

You are truly awesome, I had a blast riding with you till you dropped me:) You were killing it out there. Take care of yourself so next year I can have you back as my new racing buddy!! Talk with you soon

Unknown said...

Way to rock it out there!

gwadzilla said...

hopefully you just got banged up and some rest sets you straight