Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beatles

While driving home from Denver last weekend I heard the tail-end of an essay written by a little girl on NPR's program, This I Believe. I just listened to the entire essay on and posted a link to it for this blog entry. I love the Beatles. They speak to me too, and I love this little girl's essay.

A lot(sort of) has been happening since my last post. I am in school for Pre-Nursing still and am awaiting acceptance into Mesa's Nursing Program starting next fall. It is full on spring in Mesa County which offers great riding conditions. I'm not as obsessed about training this year as I have been in the past for a few reasons. One reason is that I am in school and working which only allows me so much time to play. Also,sometimes I just want to go on a nice long run or hike with my dog. Lastly I'm not sure if training harder really makes a difference in my personal performance. Many would argue otherwise but I really have learned a lot about my self and body this year. I'm happier if I'm not obsessed and being happy helps me use riding as a meditation and therapy rather than a competition. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be racing, just with a different attitude and different priority. I really can't afford to spend a bunch of money on expensive entry fees so I plan to do what I have been threatening for the last couple of seasons. I'm on the grassroots, self-support mission. I'll spend the money on a GPS instead and do some huge, self-support rides and bike-packing. It really is the way for me to go and I am free to do this since I am not a sponsored athlete having to fulfill expectations of my sponsors. Life will be lots of fun this spring and summer.

Anyone coming to the Grand Junction/Fruita area, please let me know and I would love to join you for some riding. I'm up for anything.


kath said...

Cat! just wanted to let you know I am enjoying reading your posts and what your up to, and we will call you soon to let you know our spring plans! KO

the one & only red desert lizard.... said...

hi cat, i found your blog by searching for info about 18 hrs of fruita, i would love to chat, contact me on my blog spot / bonesbikeblog
i have many questions, " the red desert lizard".....

Matt said...

I'll be up your way in May a couple of times - should have a full work week up there and also the end of kokopelli for 09. I'll shoot you guys an email and hopefully we can hook up. Totally understand on the school stuff too...that was my early thirties as I wrestled with grad degree, job, and trying to ride when all else gave me an opening.

But you work the brain, you still work the body. If you work the body you don't work the brain. Schooling is needed.