Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun Fruita Folks

This past weekend was the Fruita Fat Tire Festival filled with lots of fun. There were definitely some people in town and on the trails. I got to meet up with Kris and Kelly from Steamboat for some riding as well as our new friend Nancy from Moab. It was so fun riding with the girls, all very awesome strong riders....thanks ladies.

Last year at this time I was counting down the days before 18 Hours of Fruita, this year I have a different race agenda. As for 18 Hours, my friend Kris Cannon from Steamboat will be rocking it out. I am happily going over to support her in her first race of the season. Kris is a super strong rider and placed second last year in 24 Hours of Moab and first in 24 Hours in the Sage, needless to say she is a hammer. Good luck Kris, I'm proud to stand by you.

Here are some shots of Kris....always smiling. That was one of the first things I noticed about her, she smiles even after 20 hours or so.
Riding the line.

Final hours in 24 Hours in the Sage, Gunnison 2008


Unknown said...

Let's go Kris Cannon - nose to the grindstone, you got this!

Unknown said...

THANKS CAT!!! You are awesome and I am so psyched you will be there, you are the best:)

Unknown said...

"24 Hours in the Sage" Photo Gallery