Monday, March 26, 2007

Fruita Riding

I just had 3 great days of riding in the Fruita/Grand Junction area. I took my Ventana since my Blur is waiting for its new drive train from Sram. I loved how sweet my Ventana was riding. I just felt on my game with technical riding and climbing. My hot pink Ventana certainly is a great climber, light and free. I got to demo (for free!!) an Epic by Specialized and have to say it was nice. It was a women's specific large frame and fit wonderfully. I love the brain on the rear shock which makes it climb like a hardtail. So, as far as my rides..... Day #1--Rode the Monument for a 3.5 hr ride, sweet single track and fun technical moves, a beautiful blue sky day. Day #2--Rabbit Valley to Loma on the Kokopelli Trail. Training ride for the KTR on May 19th. Happy I did it again since I totally screwed that section up last year. Day #3--Back to the Monument on the demo bikes--Holy Cross trail, fun and technically challenging but I rode more this time than last time I did it so that's always great. Hope to return next weekend than for a month starting April 19th!!!!!!!!

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