Monday, March 26, 2007


I had the great luxury of returning for another weekend of fun Fruita riding. The weather was spectacular. I cruised from home after work (5 massages!) at around 9 pm arriving at 18 Road by 12:30 am to camp with a friend. Rode from camp both days. I felt strong and feel like I'm getting into the groove again. Being off the bike for 5 months (I live in the mountains so i ski in the winter) is always tough. I feel like I have to get used to how the bike handles all over again. I must say though that each year I feel a little stronger and more comfortable. I can't wait until the 20th when I head west for 4 weeks. All I am going to do is ride, eat and sleep. Yippee!!!!! Now I massage my brains out and go to the gym, run, ride on the road and hopefully a couple of trips to Denver to ride the trails. I am definitely considering moving west next year so that I can pretty much ride year round. As Lynda Wallenfels says, "In order to be stronger on your bike, you have to ride your bike year round."

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