Monday, May 5, 2008

18 Hours of Fruita Race Report

I am still recovering and will give a better report with pics later as I have a sister, niece and nephew to entertain. I placed second in the solo female category and fifth overall (solo female and male). I completed 28 laps on a 6 mile course and stopped riding at about 17 hours and 30 minutes. I felt that 28 laps was enough of one course for one day and I knew 2nd place was mine so I stopped a little early. Jari Kirkland won with 31 laps! I was pretty happy with my performance being the first real race of the season. I spent April in Summit County where there is still a ton of snow. I did some road riding and went to Boulder once for a mtb ride. So considering the challenges of training on the bike this last month I feel really good about Fruita and feel I'm strong and ready for the '08 race season. Details to be continued...

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