Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Front Range 50

It was a short and fast race. For a 50 Miler I was psyched with my 3rd place finish in my age group. More than that I was happy with my time. I was shooting for a 4:30 and I finished in 4:15! I cramped really bad in this race, everyone I talked to did also. I had to stop and fill up water bottles after the first loop and just had to stop and grab new ones every loop thereafter. I lost a few minutes each loop having to stop for drinkage but I expected that. We did 5 loops on a 10 mile course, the same time The Battle of The Bear XC race was happening. There was a lot of passing but everyone was super nice on the course. I felt consistent with lap times between 45-49 minutes. I think I had a 52 minute lap, which was my fourth I think.....major cramping on that one. I thought I could just hammer my final lap but I had nothing left and thought I was going to die. I felt terrible. I was cramping, thirsty/dehydrated, nauseous, and aching (back and head). I couldn't believe that feeling so awful I could still do a 45 minute lap. I guess sometimes it just doesn't matter what your brain is saying because your body just keeps on going. In these short races, every single second really does count. I made sure to big ring it on the flatter "rollier" stuff and really focused on keeping the momentum up. My goals were accomplished in this race: 1.) Ride 4:30 or less 2.) Keep going steady and consistent 3.) Try to podium in age group 4.) Be in the top ten overall.
It was a great way to spend the day and a great workout.

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