Friday, May 16, 2008

Results and pics

Here are the lap results from 18 Hours of Fruita. In the column to the right where it lists our results there is a link to overall team results and I'm listed as Girls4Dirt which is a name that not many people know yet. Consequently no one knows or thinks I did the race! Very funny. I believe that pictures help tell a story and even though they are not stellar shots, they are helpful.

The start of the race. Looks like all other starts...dark, lights shining at the camera. We ran about 50 yards across the sandy beach to our bikes and were shortly off them again up a very steep short hill that without enough momentum or room, you weren't going to make it. Following that cluster with less than 5 minutes into the race I took an incautious sharp left and landed hard on my left hip. "ahhh!!!OUch!!!", I thought, "already". However, that was the one and only momentary lapse of reason.

My Specialized S-works Epic dusty and resting as my Ventana and I take a whirl on the course.

Still in the early am judging by the attire. The 12:00 am start was frigid, in the 30's and my feet thankfully stayed numb for the next 10 hours. I am really, really working on my form in this shot...head down, slouched back, straight arms, a work of art I tell ya. Jeesem I'm hurtin' already!!

Up that one switchback hill that just kept getting harder. By the end I was climbing it standing still. Quite a skill I may add, not many people can do that.

I think a good picture showing off our awesome team kits by Voler.

Okay enough of those pictures. It was all in all a fun event followed by a short results announcement and a taco party. Soloist got to eat first and a nice lady took me out of line so that I could do so. Yummmy, I was so excited that I could actually eat. I think it was all the ginger ale that kept my stomach functioning somewhat properly. No "podium" shots because there wasn't really one and Matt a.k.a. camera man, was graciously packing up camp during the awards.

I fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting into the van for our long 25 minute drive home. Shower and bed. Upon awakening the next morning, an ice bath to soothe those sore legs. Legs were good the following day but other parts still ached for a few to come.

Next stop is.....The Front Range 50. It is clearly a 50 miler, not my strong race but a good training event. I look forward to putting in a good strong effort and eating chicken bbq made by Dale from Oscar Blues afterwards!!!

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