Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Kris Cannon!!!!!

Just a last good wish to Kris Cannon who starts 18 Hours of Fruita tonight a 12am. I really don't miss that start. The good thing is that the sun comes up quick. Go Kris! You are going to charge the course! Anyone who knows Kris or is reading this, send her your good vibes. I'll update with results tomorrow. Also want to wish my friend Dereck Fish or Fish(not sure if he spells his name this way) good luck. Fish is racing in the solo category on his single speed. He won the race last year with 34 laps I believe. Yes, one will get dizzy racing this 5.5 mile course that many times around. Anyone else I know out there racing but don't know it now...BEST OF LUCK!!!! I'll be by in the morning to cheer you on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride strong and steady.

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