Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 7; Water, water and more water

You're taught to chew your water here. Hunger and cravings are so strong that chewing your water should help. I'm not sold on this. However, I will try to do everything recommended to me. Water tastes like sugar. When I drink it it seems to collect in my gums and release a sugary saliva response. I brush my entire mouth to rid the taste out. They only want you drinking 50-60 ounces of water per day which makes sense. Water intoxication is a serious condition that is caused by too much water and not enough sodium. Hyponatremia then kicks in which means sodium deficiency and problems can arise from there. Of course as a well educated practicing RN I know all this. As a faster I am going through something I've never gone through before and while walking this line I am able to understand my body on a much deeper level. I am watching great videos and going to lectures by Dr. Klaper. He is an extremely intelligent MD who has practiced emergency, orthopedics, obstetrics, anasthesia and more medicine and has a great love and facination for the human body. His understanding of digestion and the way he teaches it are ingenius. Homosapiens are really designed to eat a plant based diet. Granted not everyone will do this, so just eat less meat, don't make it the center of your plate, make it a condiment. Your body will thank you.

I'm down to 137 today. I'm not to worry because as soon as I start eating the weight will come back on. You loose a lot of weight in the first week because when you're not taking in salt and your body drops water. Hence, most of the weight is water weight. Only drinking water allows all your organs to REST. Especially with disease process your body can't get ahead because so much energy is consumed on digestion alone. Fasting allows your body to heal and gives your poor organs a break. The longer you fast the more toxins get released and the deeper you heal, sometimes and hopefully as deep as the soul.

Toxins are surrounded by fat and stored in our body. Toxins are anything from dairy, meat, fish, animal products, NSAIDS, drugs, caffeine, excess alcohol, sugar and salt. Anywher between day 3 and 5 your body kicks into ketosis, the fat burning stage of the fast. On the first days your body is going on glucose stores. During ketosis the fat releases and so do the toxins. As toxins release you will feel them. I feel them in my lower back and hips. The toxins go to the bloodstream which passes through the muscles and tendons and the larger the muscle the more blood flow and sometimes the more aches. Drink more water to help flush it all out.

I am exhausted, lightheaded when I go from sitting to standing and I just want to be horizontal. I feel like I can fall into a deep sleep for hours. Instead I close my eyes and my brain buzzes. It's inferiorating and humbling. Because it brings up feelings of irritation and impatience I feel I should be grateful and I'm working on that. I actually have time to work things out here and so I'm doing my best to take advantage of that. Finding the emotion and finding where in my body it settles and going from there.

Last night I woke up with such an irritated antsy feeling in my left side. I got up to pee at 1:00 a.m. and couldn't stay in bed after. I went outside and looked at the dark sky, no stars, no moon, no Colorado. I miss home and I love where I live and feel so grateful for my life. I am learning deep appreciation for my life, my husband, dogs, job, yoga studio, family and friends. I am overwhelmed by my support system. I hope I can reciprocate all that I have been given and not lead a selfish life.

My left sided irritation went away when I realized I shouldn't run from it, change it or fix it. I sat with it and things from the past came up. I fell back to sleep eventually not knowing if I found any answers. I guess I don't need answers. I have been sitting in the moment more. What choice do I have? I contemplate why I am always planning, thinking ahead or behind. I am gaining the understanding of the here and now. This is it, this moment matters the most. Why are we always running for the future? Just be.

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Anonymous said...

Cat, Leigh shared this blog with me, her sister Jen, because I've come to a similar conclusion. I think that with a high carb, low fat, plant- based diet I can get my body to heal itself. It's hard work retraining ourselves to do our bodies good. I've been trying to document some of the food I've been enjoying along the way in this blog: Hope to exchange recipes with you after your fast. You're making me consider a fast of sorts as well. Best wishes,